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Russ Cook Flying Again Kent Forsythe6/29/2016
Oterbein Static Show Roger Armontrout4/15/2016
TF Captured P47 Sam Gaglio4/5/2015
FREEZE FLY 2015 Robert Brown1/1/2015
Kents 10ft Wingspan Hostetler Cessna 150 build Kent Forsythe9/24/2014
Hole in roof David Miller6/26/2014
A Friend Indeed - repairing ruts in the field - for free. Anthony Peterka5/22/2014
Tony's Heli Pics of our club Anthony Peterka4/19/2014
Miscellaneous Pictures Ray Wood11/17/2013
Planes at the field Mark Hampton9/29/2013
Otterbein at the airport Roger Armontrout9/27/2013
Planes at the field over the 2013 season. Mark Hampton8/17/2013
Giant Scale Fly-in Roger Armontrout8/3/2013
Mike's planes Mark Hampton5/13/2013
Otterbein Static Show Roger Armontrout4/19/2013
Florida fun fly Roger Armontrout3/8/2013
Freeze Fly 2013 Robert Brown1/1/2013
Striping the runway Roger Armontrout8/16/2012
2012 Large Scale Fly In Roger Armontrout8/4/2012
2012 WACO Fly-In Verlin Eblin6/23/2012
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